About us

EMROW is our surname, WORME spelt backwards – a very appropriate name for what is an entirely family owned and run company. We are a young couple with four young sons and our buses mark the beginning of our lives after almost two decades of military service. A country life is what we sought so settling in the little township of Elmore and buying a number of school buses has been a dream come true for us. We are now ready to take our company to the next level…

Emrow Bus Lines is large enough to provide charter services to large groups but small enough to provide the flexibility and personalised service to meet the exact needs of our clients. As two of the youngest bus industry professionals in country Victoria, our aim is to take bus charter and bus touring to the level of service – where the bus travel becomes an enjoyable part of the journey rather than just the unfortunate necessity to get to a destination.

We are avid travellers ourselves with a passion for food, wine and destinations so we will continue to search for and offer trips to some of Victoria’s best festivals and activities. Keep an eye on our calendar to see what tours we have coming up and more importantly if you come across something you think you and your friends would love to go to, let us know and we can take you there!

Jason and Jane

Jason and Jane Worme

Jason and Jane
Emrow Bus Lines